Symptoms of Low T


As a hormone with multiple functions, Low Testosterone can contribute to several different symptoms and unfortunately, as the symptoms of Low Testosterone are also shared with a variety of other illnesses or diseases, it is quite difficult to know whether you are in fact suffering from Low Testosterone, especially as there is not enough awareness in regards to the symptoms of Low Testosterone in modern society.

Here we have listed a few of the most common symptoms, both psychological and physical, that are used to diagnose Low T in men. It is important to note that if you think that you are suffering from any of the symptoms below to schedule an appointment with one of our experts to decipher if you are in fact suffering from Low Testosterone, in order to begin your journey to optimal health.

Decreased Muscle Strength

You may be noticing a decline in your strength where lifting objects is proving to be more difficult than before. Whilst a decrease in strength occurs as we age, this can also be a symptom of Low Testosterone. Studies have shown that an increase in Testosterone effects muscle mass and can be a key contributor in the increase in muscle mass and strength.


Mood swings, depression, sad and helpless feelings with no explanation can be a signal for Low Testosterone. Studies have shown that men who reported to have depression were found to also have low testosterone levels. This is linked to further studies that showed men who were treated with testosterone replacement therapy had drastic improvements to their mood.

Lack of Energy

Being tired is a normal part of life, however, when fatigue begins to affect your normal performance whether it be work or attitude could be a symptom of Low Testosterone. Whether you feel a decrease in energy, less enjoyment in usual activities and a “not bothered” feeling towards activities that you normally enjoy. You should question the source of the lethargy, rather than blame it on just being tired.

Poor Sleep

Sleep is a way that we recharge and refuel our mind and body. Sleep deprivation can have detrimental effects all over the body and is closely linked with low testosterone production. Lack of sleep can cause low testosterone and low testosterone can cause lack of sleep, both are relatively linked and quite “two way street” situation. If you’re having difficulty with your sleep please book a consultation with one of our experts for professional advice.

Low Libido

Testosterone plays a major role in a man’s sex drive. When Testosterone levels drop below the norm, one of the symptoms can be a decrease in sex drive. This can have devastating effects of self-confidence, cause relationship problems with your spouse, lead to depression and aggression. Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help treat this symptom and reinstate your normal, optimal sex drive.

Weak Erections

The inability to perform during sex can be an extremely humiliating experience for any man and something that men in general do not talk about. Weak erections are extremely common and Low Testosterone can be a major factor in why you are experiencing this. Sex should be a pleasurable and intimate experience, if you are experiencing weak erections, book a consultation with one of our experts for professional advice.

If you’re experiencing symptoms associated with Low Testosterone and you have suffered from any of the listed causes, please book yourself a consultation with one of our highly experienced consultants at Los Angeles Testosterone Center and begin your journey to wellness and optimal health.

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