Health Risks of Low T


Low Testosterone is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society; whether its because researchers are discovering more, or changes in the average man’s life are contributing to higher percentages of Low Testosterone.

Studies have found that some major health issues are linked to Low Testosterone levels.  Although Testosterone Replacement Therapy is not found to cure these conditions, it is by far the one of the most effective treatments in improving the health of the gentlemen who are suffering from the symptoms of Low Testosterone.

Below we have highlighted a few of the health issues that arise from having Low Testosterone:


Studies have shown that a higher risk of Anemia is shown in men with Low Testosterone that are over the age of 65. Testosterone plays a prominent role in red blood cell rejuvenation and rebuilding red blood cells. Testosterone acts as a stimulate in red blood cell reproduction which ultimately aids in preventing Anemia.

If you think that the reason behind your Anemia could be correlated to Low Testosterone, please book a consultation with one of our experts today.

Obesity / Increased Body Fat

Our bodies change as we age and it becomes harder losing weight compared to when our bodies were in their prime; however, this could be due to Low Testosterone levels in your body. There is a distinct correlation between Low Testosterone and increased body fat and obesity, whereby, increased body fat and obesity lower Testosterone levels and Low Testosterone levels can lead to increased body fat and obesity. The reasoning behind this is that Testosterone is a prominent hormone in regulating fat, glucose and insulin, therefore Low Testosterone can majorly impact metabolism.


Research has shown that there is a strong correlation between Diabetes and Low Testosterone, where it has been found that Diabetes is more likely to be found in men who have been diagnosed with Low Testosterone. As Testosterone aids in the regulation of Insulin, whereby Testosterone allows tissues in the body to absorb blood sugar in response to Insulin – Low Testosterone leads to a resistance to insulin therefore creates a need to produce more Testosterone to regulate their sugar levels. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a great way to combat these issues, although it does not cure Diabetes, aids the regulation of blood sugar levels through the treatment and maintenance of Testosterone to their optimal levels.

Cardiovascular Issues

Studies have shown that men with Low Testosterone have an increased risk in developing cardiovascular illnesses; such as, tightening in the arteries, plaque buildup, high blood pressure and many more. Cardiovascular illnesses are dangerous and can be life threatening, as plaque buildup, loss of muscle tone in the heart and a decline in flexibility of your connective tissues can lead to stroke and high blood pressure.

If you have been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure or have been experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Low Testosterone, start your journey to optimal wellness today by booking an appointment with one of our expert consultants.

If you’re experiencing symptoms associated with Low Testosterone and you have suffered from any of the listed illnesses, please book yourself a consultation with one of our highly experienced consultants at Los Angeles Testosterone Center and begin your journey to wellness and optimal health.

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