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What is Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)?

Erectile dysfunction (or impotence) is when a man is unable to maintain or get an erection firm enough to participate in sexual intercourse. Although erectile dysfunction is not “normal” per say, it is a very common symptom amongst men during stressful periods in their lives.

Erectile dysfunction itself can be an extremely stressful and devastating period in a mans life and can dramatically effect their relationships with their partners. At Los Angeles Testosterone, we aim to gain the best understanding into what is causing your erectile dysfunction in order to develop the best treatment plan based on your individual requirements and needs.

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What are the causes of Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)?

It involves both a psychological and physical balance for a man to achieve and maintain an erection.

Issues affecting just one component – blood vessels, nerves or hormones for instance – can result in an inability to consistently achieve and maintain erections. Lifestyle factors like obesity and stress can also play a significant role. For most men, more than one factor will come into play.

Research has shown that ninety percent of erectile dysfunction issues are organic causes such as cardiovascular conditions such as high blood pressure, problems with hormones, medications, trauma, diabetes, or many more listed in our causes page.

In general, men experience psychological symptoms such as low self-esteem and anxiety as a result of their impotence. Our mission at Low Testosterone Los Angeles is to provide consultation services to educate men and put together tailored expert programs that help restore confidence and regain an active and fulfilling sex life.


Physical Examination

In order to assure that there are no abnormalities, you may have a physical assessment of your penis and testicles, this will also assess the sensitivity in your nerves in this area.

If you would prefer a male doctor or nurse, you can simply request this in your free consultation.

Lab Tests

Young female tech or scientist performs protein assay

In order to be able to have a greater understanding of your hormone levels and to see what hormones are out of balance, each patient will undergo a process in obtaining detailed lab tests. This will allow a greater understanding to see what hormones need to be treated and how to treat them. You will also undergo a urine test in order to produce a detailed urology report.


Based on the consultants decision, you may be required to have an ultrasound taken, this will usually be performed by one of our specialist sonogram nurses. The transducer (which is the device used on pregnant women to view the womb and baby) will produce a video showing the flow of blood to the penis and will assess the blood vessels surrounding the penis.


Once your results have returned from the laboratory, you will be invited for a secondary consultation with your designated expert Los Angeles Testosterone doctor, who will explain your blood, urine, physical examination and ultrasound results in detail to you and answer any questions you may have.


Syringe with glass vials and medications pills drug background

At Los Angeles Testosterone center our main aim is to ensure that you are getting the best possible treatment for your Erectile Dysfunction. Your treatment plan will be based on any health conditions that are pre-existing and the severity and cause of your erectile dysfunction. Your doctor will go through all the treatment options available and together you will create the best treatment plan for you.

Your treatment may involve:

  • Oral medications
  • Alternative Medications (i.e.
  • Penis Pumps, surgery and implants
  • Exercise regimes
  • Psychological Counselling
  • Lifestyle changes

Ongoing Monitoring

At Los Angeles Testosterone, we aim to provide our clients with the best treatment and aftercare. This includes an ongoing monitoring of your progress on your journey to wellness. This will be through monitoring your hormone levels and symptoms to ensure that you are staying on track and that the right amounts of hormones are being delivered to your body to feel at your best optimal health.


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